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Our Renovation Process

We understand that the renovation process can be complex and time-consuming, which is why we have implemented three core principles to guide our approach from start to finish:

Cleanliness, Organization, and Clear Communication.

Steps to Go Through


Scheduling a Quote 

We would like to schedule an in-person quote within 7 days of being contacted.

Meet our designers and tell us your ideas!


Going over the Project Details 

We will discuss the details of your desired project, some possible options and provide you with a rough project timeline


Detailed Quote 

You will receive a detailed quote within 48 hours.

The quote will identify costs associated with each aspect of the proposed project.


Review the Quote 

Review the items in the quote and select which you would like to move forward with. 
The quote represents the best price offered and is not subject to further discounts.


Signing the Contract 

The contract outlines:

- The scope of services;

- any clauses previously discussed;

- payment schedule 

- guarantee 
- company info (commercial insurance, HST number, address & contact information)


Renovation Services 

The services proceed according to the schedule outlined in the contract.

We are flexible to make adjustments as the project moves forward. 

Upon Completion

There will be a final walk-through of the premises to ensure your satisfaction with the finished product.  

Client and contractor
“Veles Construction executed our renovation with extreme professionalism and organization. We collaborated on a lot of ideas which ultimately led to the wonderful outcome.”

Homestar Reviews

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